Legal Services

Dr. Wilson has a background as a veterinarian who practiced clinical medicine in California veterinary
hospitals for 16 years. Because of his law degree from UCLA and interest in the subject, he has written
and spoken extensively on animal and veterinary legal issues. While Medical Director at the small animal
hospital at the University of Pennsylvania he reviewed over 100 legal consents for clinical studies
performed by faculty and residents. Thanks to the generosity of the Dean's Office at Penn, he has been
able to asset over 300 Penn students, interns and residents from the school with the review of their
employment contracts as well as coaching as to how to proceed with negotiations. In addition to these
people, Dr. Wilson has reviewed and/or constructed employment contracts for over 500 other new grads,
interns, specialists, and practice owners/managers all across the USA.

As a result of Dr. Wilson's advanced veterinary medico-legal knowledge, he has provided expert witness
opinions covering challenges to ownership of dogs, veterinary malpractice, the reasonableness of
noncompete agreements, the legal use of drugs in animals, and animal bite cases.


Expert Witness Opinions:

Dr. Wilson has had lengthy training and experience as a small animal associate and practice owner.
This has been supplemented by his law degree and years as an author on animal law and veterinary
medico-legal topics. He spent nearly ten years providing consultative advice for the American
Association of Veterinary State Boards as well as many individual state boards.

He also has extensive experience researching, writing about, and teaching animal law, medical records,
the use of written legal consents, the legal use of veterinary drugs, and professional negligence.
All of this, plus his time spent drafting over thirty expert witness opinions, testifying in
court on over ten occasions, and his skill as a writer provide the background for his expert
witness consultations and opinions. The subjects upon which he provides such work include: