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Dr. Wilson and his wife, Elise own and operate Priority Press, Ltd. as an independent publisher of five highly practical books providing in-depth coverage of a breadth of legal and practice management subjects. Visit the link above to see these publications and many articles on practice management and legal issues.
Dr. Wilsonís 16 years of experience in California as an associate veterinarian, manager of two different emergency clinics, buyer of a veterinary practice, co-owner of it over a period of ten years with three other DVMs, and seller of that practice, coupled with his experience as the Medical Director for the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (VHUP) provide special insights and abilities for him to assist with a wide array of management needs.
Legal Issues
Dr. Wilsonís veterinary degree from Iowa State and law degree from UCLA, enhanced by his years as a practicing veterinarian and efforts researching and writing the Law and Ethics of the Veterinary Profession, Contracts, Benefits, and Practice Management for the Veterinary Profession, and Legal Consents for Veterinary Practices ,4th Edition provide him with specialized knowledge of veterinary and animal law.