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Are You Equipped for Today’s Ethical-Legal Challenges?

Are you and your practice ready for life with high expectation, short fused clients? Have any of them discredited your practice via state board complaints, lawsuits or with negative reviews on social networking websites? Do these risks worry you?

In Principle Centered Leadership, renowned author, Steven Covey says that what is needed in today’s world is not just a map but a compass. “The map provides a description but the compass provides more vision and direction…An accurate map is a good management tool but a compass is a leadership and empowerment tool…Exchange your map for a compass and train your people how to navigate with it by calibrating it to a set of fixed, natural laws and true north principles.”

The basic tenets presented in this Online Veterinary Law and Ethics course provide the map and compass needed to navigate the muddy waters of veterinary practice leadership. This web based, online, self-paced, online setting provides streaming video paired with PowerPoint slides directly to your home or office anytime/anyplace.  With 300+ pages of easy to use, downloadable, electronically bookmarked handouts, you will have exactly what you need during and long after completing the course. Click here: ISU Veterinary Law & Ethics Course Flyer & Pricing to learn more about this practical, ground-breaking RACE approved CE course and its pricing.

For a direct link to the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine site click: For group prices or special discounts for VHMA and State VMA members, contact Steve Kellner in Yardley, PA at or call 215-321-9488.

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VHMA and State VMA Member Discount Programs

If you are a VHMA member or if your state VMA has a MEMBER DISCOUNT program with Iowa State and Dr. Wilson in place, you or your staff member(s) may qualify for a $100 discount off the full course price or $40 off the first module. Inform Steve Kellner of your membership when you sign up to see if we have an agreement in place with your state. If not, contact your VMA and/or Steve and let’s get one set one up!

Students & Schools

In 2010, the North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium (NAVMEC), spearheaded by the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) undertook the most comprehensive effort ever to ensure that veterinary medical education meets society’s, the veterinary profession’s and students’ needs. One of the six resulting recommendations was to “increase sharing of educational resources among veterinary medical schools and colleges to ensure quality, flexibility and cost-effective education for veterinarians. This course does just that.

Although initiated before NAVMEC took place, as of August 2011 online education for veterinary students is a reality. Please welcome VetICE!

This organization currently is the leading internet course exchange site for veterinary schools and related disciplines. If you are a veterinary school administrator or student, and wish to learn about the clinical neurology, public health and veterinary law and ethics courses now available, Click Here. To see the outline for the Law & Ethics course, Click Here. Enrollment is handled directly through VetICE and Dr. Jeannette McDonald, Executive Director, in Wisconsin ( ph. 608-333-3864), with payments made by individual veterinary students or through their schools. For pricing information, Click Here. Transcript credit is provided by each student’s school or college of veterinary medicine.

For a direct link to the VetICE site click:

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