Articles and Publications

The articles and publications in this section come in two forms. The first consist of books
authored or coauthored by Dr. Wilson and published by Priority Press, Ltd, the publishing
company owned and operated since 1988 by Elise Prior Wilson and Dr. Jim Wilson.
The second set of resources has been produced by Priority Veterinary Management Consultants
for use as lecture notes in the proceedings for national, regional, and state CE Conferences
or as course handouts at the 20 veterinary schools at which Dr. Wilson teaches.

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Priority Press, Ltd. Books: [brochure]
Contracts, Benefits and Practice Management for the Veterinary Profession [Table of Contents] |
Legal Consents For Veterinary Practices, 4th Ed. [Table of Contents] [Index] [How to Use This Book] |
Law & Ethics of the Veterinary Profession | Job Descriptions and Training Schedules for the Veterinary Team |
The Veterinary Receptionists Training Manual

Management Articles:
A Philosophy for Establishing Fees | Employment Contracts:  The Good, The Bad & The Essential |
Negotiating Your First Veterinary Employment Contract | Choosing a Co-Investor |
A New Look at an Old Idea -- Pet Health Insurance | Veterinary Attitudes Toward Pet Health Insurance |
Establishing a Pet Selection Service | Using Legal Consents as a Marketing Tool |
Managing Client Credit Vs. Providing Pet Health Insurance and Managing The Accounts Receivable
Legal Articles:
What Veterinarians Should Know About Pet Cemeteries and Crematoriums |
Are Laws Prohibiting Pit Bull Ownership?
Articles for Veterinary Students:
Life Skills Suggested Reading List | Planning For and Achieving Goals |
Internships..Can, Should or Must it be Part of My Future | The Law of Professional Negligence |
Selection Methods and Criteria for Choosing Veterinary Interns |
Credit Scores and Reports Excerpts
Veterinary Business Management and Career Development:
Resource Reference